Welcome To Sisters Of Motivational Empowerment

'Empowering & Supporting Professional Women To Activate Their Purpose & Elevate Their Potential'

Everyone Has A Purpose, Something They're Uniquely Created To Do And We've Discovered That Community Helps To Make The Process And Journey Easier!

Have you ever wondered why some people live joyful, prosperous, and successful lives, and others struggle to find themselves their entire lives, or why some struggle with cultivating healthy supportive, loving connections, relationships, and friendships? Let's be honest, we all experience challenges in life, but the one thing we all desire to experience and feel is, a sense of belonging, support, and community because that's the nature of who we are as women, we desire to feel a sense of connection. 

The truth is, that our relationships help to shape and give meaning to our lives. This is why social media has consumed the world. Unfortunately, while social media has made it possible for everyone to connect in one way or another regardless of their geographical location, there's so much noise intertwined, most often making it impossible to truly hear each other through the distractions, and algorithms that may block you from engaging and seeing what you may need and want to see. 

This Is Why We Created The S.O.M.E. Private Membership Community...We're Stronger Together... Are You Ready To Be A Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself?

We created the Sisters Of Motivational Empowerment Membership Community (S.O.M.E.) to connect and bring together a Sisterhood and Tribe of Professional Women who are ambitious leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and driven professionals to cultivate connections and learn, share, and grow together. So, they can Activate their Purpose, and Elevate their Potential, while Sharing Their Stories and Experiences to Ignite healthier lifestyle choices and greater self-love, to reach their maximum potential, renew their mindsets, and adopt new habits to faithfully create greater balance in mind, body, and spirit! 

 Sisters Of Motivational Empowerment Members are passionately ready to Reset, Reshape, and Reframe their lives to fulfill a larger purpose, and Reclaim their true power, experience more liberation, reignite more passion, and freedom, and explore new possibilities; so they can develop more life balance, healthier daily habits, overcome self-sabotage, experience greater self-love, cultivate a stronger spiritual foundation, and achieve true freedom and prosperity to unleash their true power, and fearlessly live life on their terms.

As a sisterhood and community, we strive daily to experience a consistent and transformative shift together, through our exclusive Sisters Talk Circle Discussions, monthly/weekly challenges, accountability groups, breakthrough coaching sessions, questions, polls, our private strategic advisory mastermind group discussions, and networking business sessions. Our goal is to learn, grow, and develop the skills and tools, to eventually share our lessons of triumph and victory to help guide and support other professional women to develop, and create a clear vision and plan for their lives and businesses, as they seek to live more fulfilling lives that is in alignment with their true purpose, passions, and power. 

"Our mission is to create a community, movement, and sisterhood that empowers professional women to collaborate, network, and support each other. We aim to provide a safe space where women can share their stories of pain and triumph, and access resources to help them break free of their fears. Our ultimate goal is to help women live a life fueled by greater purpose, passion, and prosperity." 

When women commit to personal growth and development, they open themselves to unlimited opportunities and possibilities. By sharing the stories of who we are and where we've been on our journey with transparency and authenticity, we can ultimately contribute our lessons and values to helping each other achieve our ultimate breakthroughs and create richly fulfilling lives. Our goal is to inspire each other to Redefine, Reset, and Re-frame our lives Personally, Spiritually, and Professionally, so we can ultimately live the life we dream and desire.

Why Is Joining Sisters Of Motivational Empowerment Different?

 Sisters Of Motivational Empowerment community is an exclusive by-invitation-only private membership community, created by professional women...for empowered professional women to have a safe and sacred space to transform, evolve, support, connect, collaborate, share, network, and cultivate a sisterhood, and movement, together. We focus on facilitating courageous, impactful conversations while sharing resources to evolve and transform collectively.

Our community provides a platform for women to openly express themselves and explore their full potential through coaching, events, and workshops. Members can enhance their skills and broaden their perspectives. Together, we strive to create a nurturing and empowering environment where each woman can embrace her unique journey and contribute to the collective growth.

As part of our mission, we encourage members to actively engage in mentorship programs, by connecting experienced professionals with aspiring ones, we foster a supportive network where knowledge and guidance are generously shared. This mentorship initiative empowers women to break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and create lasting impact in their professional fields.

 Here at S.O.M.E., you're not only part of a community, but you become a part of a united family, a trusted network of professional women, and a movement with a vision that's bigger than ourselves. We seek to level the playing field with a clear purpose and mission to empower, transform, engage, and contribute to the lives of professional women who are also experiencing a shift and transition in their lives. While we continue working towards a mutual and common goal of embodying liberation as professional warrior women, we will continue to make connections, build friendships, share our knowledge, and cultivate professional relationships with other S.O.M.E. Professional Women who are like-minded, and traveling this journey together. 

This is not just an opportunity to receive but also to share, serve, and make a real difference in the lives of other women. Together, we can be the change we long for. We are a supportive community of powerful women who work together to inspire positive change, breaking down barriers of self-doubt, insecurity, and neglect that professional women often face.

Whatever reason you were led to Sisters Of Motivational Empowerment Community, the value you receive will be immeasurable when you access our free membership. Moreover, if you decide to take an extra step and invest in your personal growth and development with our premium membership, rest assured that you will embark on a transformative journey toward living the life you truly dream and desire. 

Are You Ready To Elevate And Activate Your... 

  • Health & Happiness
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Love
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Financial Wealth & Abundance
  • Business/Career
  • Impact/Influence
  • Purpose/Potential

Here Are Some Of The Membership Benefits You Receive And Experience When You Join The Sisters Of Motivational Empowerment Elevate & Activate Your Life Membership Community...
  • Engaging in discussions with meaningful resources with a deeper focus on helping each other achieve their ultimate goals and dreams.
  •  Monthly personal growth and development group accountability call to help you transform your life personally & professionally.
  • Quarterly business strategy mastermind calls to help grow your business (Premium)
  • Twice per year meet and greet, networking, and connecting
  • Quarterly Book & Movie Club Empowerment discussions(Authors Showcase)
  • Bi-Monthly Live Coaching Q & A to answer your most pressing questions (Premium)
  • Weekly content polls, questions, and challenges
  • Option to collaborate and offer paid classes, and events within the community (Premium)
  • Connecting with a powerful group of like-minded professional, supportive, caring warrior women, who will have your back as you walk your journey towards transformation. 
  • Discounts on virtual retreats & conferences for paid members
  • Personal Growth, & Business Transformational Courses and Workshops(Paid & Free)
  • Business Cohort ...(Helping To Build & Support Women-Owned Businesses.)

If you were to join other communities with access to all the above, it would cost you at least $100 or more per month. However, for less than $1 a day, you can access all of the above. Our commitment to continuously add value to our menu of benefits is unwavering. We want to see you thrive and succeed in all aspects and areas of your life. This is why we have priced Sisters Of Motivational Empowerment Membership to be accessible to as many professional women as possible. Additionally, we offer a Free Membership Access Option. We offer a 21-day free access trial to the Elite Membership because we believe you have everything to gain.

The Value We Offer:
S.O.M.E. is more than a community; it's a sisterhood of accomplished women dedicated to your success. 
Here's the value we're committed to providing:

Supportive Space: You're now part of a welcoming and inclusive community that celebrates diversity, respects your individuality, and offers a judgment-free zone for growth.

Knowledge Sharing: Access a treasure trove of resources, from expert advice to industry insights, all designed to help you thrive in your personal and professional journey.

Mentorship and Guidance: Connect with experienced professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and guide you toward your goals.

Network Expansion: Grow your network with amazing women from diverse industries, opening doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and friendships.

Inspiration and Encouragement: Be inspired by the success stories of women who've overcome obstacles, achieved greatness, and are now ready to cheer you on.

"My prayers were answered when I discovered S.O.M.E. For many years, I've prayed to be connected with a group of professional women who are supportive, loving, and encouraging. I was in such a dark place and felt all alone before joining Sisters Of Motivational Empowerment. Now, with the support of my S.O.M.E. sisters, I am learning to love myself, and I'm learning to overcome self-doubt and fear. I no longer feel alone because I know that one of my S.O.M.E. sisters is just a phone call away"---AG

"What I can say is that the S.O.M.E. Community has given me a sisterhood of friendship where I can express myself without judgment."---NF

I can truly say that my life and my perspective of life have been greatly impacted since I joined Sisters of Motivational Empowerment (S.O.M.E.).  Being a part of this community and tribe of warrior women has helped me grow in so many ways, where do I begin? Our weekly Sister Talk Sunday's Workshop, and discussion with professional women from all backgrounds is Empowering and Powerful, to say the least! It has provided a wonderful venue for women to pray, share thoughts & feelings, express views, receive guidance, share life-changing information, and gain understanding and clarity about Life.  Since the pandemic of COVID began, the women of S.O.M.E. have helped me to release the stresses of life, build confidence and recognize my own inner power during trying times. The timing of this group was Perfect and I am Empowered to Prosper! What a Blessing!!! ---LB 

These are just some of the benefits we will serve on our menu and some of the benefits you will receive...Our Private Community Offers So Much More...and we will continue to add incredible value to our already long list of benefits, to ensure you're motivated and fueled in every moment to live the life you dream and desire. Some of the benefits we offer are open to all members, and other benefits are part of our paid groups, programs, and courses. You get to choose how you participate in the S.O.M.E Community and how you experience the journey of your personal transformation. 

So, if you are moved in your heart and spirit, and you're ready to take action, then we hope you'll listen to that inner voice calling out to you, that it's time to anchor yourself in a space that connects, supports, and nurtures your dreams, your purpose, and your passions...  

A Big Thank You Of Gratitude

As the creator and founder of Sisters Of Motivational Empowerment (S.O.M.E.) I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to read this far and choosing S.O.M.E. as your new home and family in a community and sisterhood you can trust and believe in, with a mission you can participate, support, and share with other professional women of like-mind who are your friends, sisters, business associates, or family members to join us in building a safe and sacred community with a culture of extraordinary women of like-mind, who embrace each other's values while contributing to our mission to empower, impact and transform the lives of professional women, so they can discover their purpose, live their passions and fulfill their dreams.  

As we embark on this journey together, remember that you belong to a community that stands by you, applauds your accomplishments, and provides a shoulder to lean on during challenges.